Our hearts are full of sorrow, our dear guitarist Tero passed away on Sunday morning 17.11.2019. No words. // Raskain sydämin ilmoitamme, että rakas kitaristimme Tero menehtyi sunnuntaiaamuna 17.11.2019 sairaskohtaukseen.


Our new album is now available at least from following finnish labels/shops: Roku Records (Rovaniemi), Swamp Music (Tampere), Kaaos Korporaatio (Tampere), Kämäset Levyt (Lempäälä), Porin Levykauppa (Pori), Hiljaiset Levyt (Tampere)…

Wholesale LP:
Roku Records, Finland
Break The Silence Records, Germany
Trujaca Fala, Poland
Wholesale CD:
Liinaharja Hardcore, Finland (=straight from the band)
Too Circle Records, Japan   coming soon


Upcoming gigs:
12.9.2019 – Berlin, Schabe (w/Zerum) GERMANY
13.9.2019 – Poznan, Rozbrat ”25th anniversary fest” POLAND
14.9.2019 – Tampere, Vastavirta 30th ANNIVERSARY PARTY! (w/La Fraction (France), Influenza) FINLAND
26.9.2019 – Oulu, Snooker Time (w/Seurat) FINLAND
27.9.2019 – Muonio, Operaatioklubi / Kirjastotallit (w/Laybacks) FINLAND
28.9.2019 – Rovaniemi FINLAND
16.11.2019 – Helsinki, Pub Taikurin Hattu FINLAND

Juggling Jugulars: Insurrection LP/CD is still in the press… LP will be released by Trujaca Fala (Poland), Break The Silence Records (Germany) and Roku Records (Finland). CD will be released by Liinaharja Hardcore (Finland) and Too Circle Records (Japan). Looking forward to it!


Our new album ”Insurrection” is now ready and waiting for press. Here´s the titlesong of the album: INSURRECTION


Our LP will be released by Trujaca Fala (Poland), Break The Silence Records (Germany) and Roku Records (Finland) – hopefully during the summer!

Meanwhile our live-LP from 2017 Ultra Chaos Piknik has been released! 150 press is already sold out/pre-ordered, so get in touch with the labels who took it for distro and get yours soon! 17 tracks of live energy captured on a rainy night in Poland.


Our next gigs will be here:
18.5.2019 – Tikkakoski, Sky Dive JKL -kerhon bileet (w/Juliet Jonesin Sydän…) FINLAND
14.6.2019 – Tampere, Railofest 2019 FINLAND
26.-27.7.2019 – Lempäälä, Puntala Rock 2019 (w/Antidoto, Sju Svårå År, Life, Negativ…) FINLAND
2.8.2019 – Pori, Porispere 2019 (w/Therapy?, Atomirotta, Pää Kii, Rytmihäiriö…) FINLAND
14.9.2019 – Tampere, Vastavirta JUGGLING JUGULARS – 30-vuotisbileet! FINLAND
26.9.2019 – Oulu tba FINLAND
27.9.2019 – Kiruna tba SWEDEN
28.9.2019 – Muonio tba FINLAND