The past 2 years have been the most difficult time in our band’s history. It is about time to take a time-off (also for health-issues) for recovery and motivation. We will be back in 2022. Stay healthy!

Arja, Jaani, Marko & Petteri


A little update here even if there is not much going on. We started recordings of our new material on sunday 16.5.2021; 4 new tracks waiting for vocals that we try to do during the summer. Slow project again but we try to get this done before autumn. Otherwise we are just desperate to play live again – it has been too long break!


This year was emotional. After Tero’s death in November 2019 we weren’t even capable of thinking about the band and its existence.

But about month after the funerals we just had to gather to rehearsals to see how it feels to be together and play as a quartet without Tero. After 30 years with him by our side. It was strange, sad and didn’t work well – in the beginning. But it gave us little hope. And motivation. This is the way we respect his memory and all the effort he did for us.

Little by little we did get our ”sound” back. It is a bit different, but what else could it be? In March we were getting ready for some gigs and tours but then covid-19 came and the rest we all know too well.

After all we managed to play 6 gigs this year, which is surprisingly well under the circumstances.

In 2021 we hope to play more gigs. No high hopes though.. The best of all; we have some new songs that we will record in the near future!

Stay healthy and stay punk!


We were supposed to play three gigs in the beginning of September in Wien, Brno and Outside fest (Poland). It would have been great to play abroad again and see old friends and meet people. We tried to keep perhaps unrealistic optimism during last months, but the fact is that covid-19 -situation seems to remain too difficult – so we just had to cancel it. It is just impossible now for us. We really hope that next year it becomes possible again to make gigs and tours abroad. Stay healthy!


Wednesday 22.7. Bar Loose, Helsinki.
This will be our new beginning as a quartet and our first time in Helsinki after a long break – come and support!


Now it might see like there is no end in sight for this coronashit, but it will end one day. We have some gigs booked for September, so we try to be optimitic about them! Meanwhile: you can find our music now also from Spotify but naturally Bandcamp is still the main source for our archives (mostly free downloads). Stay safe!

Here´s some reviews of ”Insurrection” we have seen from internet:










Our first gigs as a quartet were supposed to be in April but naturally it will happen later.
Stay safe and look after each other!


We recently had our first rehearsals without Tero. We are trying to get our shit together as a quartet now. But it was so hard to be there without him… But it is clear now that we are motivated and we have a will to continue. Fire still burns.


Our hearts are full of sorrow, our dear guitarist Tero passed away on Sunday morning 17.11.2019. No words. // Raskain sydämin ilmoitamme, että rakas kitaristimme Tero menehtyi sunnuntaiaamuna 17.11.2019 sairaskohtaukseen.