This year was emotional. After Tero’s death in November 2019 we weren’t even capable of thinking about the band and its existence.

But about month after the funerals we just had to gather to rehearsals to see how it feels to be together and play as a quartet without Tero. After 30 years with him by our side. It was strange, sad and didn’t work well – in the beginning. But it gave us little hope. And motivation. This is the way we respect his memory and all the effort he did for us.

Little by little we did get our ”sound” back. It is a bit different, but what else could it be? In March we were getting ready for some gigs and tours but then covid-19 came and the rest we all know too well.

After all we managed to play 6 gigs this year, which is surprisingly well under the circumstances.

In 2021 we hope to play more gigs. No high hopes though.. The best of all; we have some new songs that we will record in the near future!

Stay healthy and stay punk!


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