Aihearkisto: Yleinen


We will play 3 gigs in Greece in the beginning of December! It will be our first time in there, we are looking forward to it!
1.12.2022 – Thessaloniki
2.12.2022 – Larissa
3.12.2022 – Athens


One week ago we finished our little tour at Outside Fest in Wojcieszow, Poland. For us it was a very special to finish it there; we finally got a chance to visit this great DIY-punk-festival in the Polish mountains after these years; we met many friends there and just enjoyed the atmosphere.

Thanks to everyone who were part of this tour! People who arranged gigs for us in Bialystok, Torun, Szczecin, Berlin, Leipzig, Praha, Brno and Wojcieszow. Everyone who came to see us, bought something from our distro, prepared food for the bands, arranged good accommodations + bands we played with, especially KARA who travelled with us for 4 days, Antigen, Nonsanto, Place on Earth, Belkot, Unbeaten, Innoxia Corpora, Call Us Names… THANK YOU!!


Our tour is getting closer. See you soon!

270822 – Bialystok, FOMO (w/Nonsanto, Place On Earth, Belkot) POLAND
280822 – Torun, Koniec Swiata (w/Kara, Nonsanto, Place On Earth, Unbeaten) POLAND
290822 – Szczecin, Krzywy Gryf (w/Kara) POLAND
300822 – Berlin, K19 (w/Kara) GERMANY
310822 – Leipzig, (w/Kara) GERMANY 
010922 – Praha, Klub 007 (w/Antigen) CZECH REPUBLIC
020922 – Brno, Vegalite (w/Innoxia Corpora) CZECH REPUBLIC
030922 – Wojcieszow, Outside Fest 2022 POLAND


Our next shows will be here before our tour – see you!
020722 – Oulu, Tukikohta Hässäkkäpäivät 2022 FINLAND
030722 – Tampere, Vastavirta Hässäkkä-klubi (w/Will Cope, Surut) FINLAND


Up next! We will play at Vastavirta, Tampere on saturday 23.4.2022 together with Barackca (hu), Cause A Riot and Naakka!

As our Who’s Talking? -cassettes are now reserved/sold out, we were looking for options to release Who’s Talking? EP in some other format.
The result was after all vinyl 7″EP in co-operation with our old friends!
It will be released by ourselves with
Nunchakupunk (Finland)
Tranzophobia (France)
Break The Silence (Germany)
Trujaca Fala (Poland)
Hopefully it will not take too long…
More info later when something happens.
Meanwhile you can listen to it from bandcamp or spotify.


Coming out in February! We didn’t want to wait several months for vinyl, so we decided to make cassettes instead. DIY-punk!


New track ”Just Another Band” from our forthcoming EP at some point in 2022! Looking forward to 2022, new songs and gigs – hopefully!