INSURRECTION LP/CD 2019 (LP: Trujaca Fala, Break The Silence Records, Roku Records/Poland, Germany, Finland/2019; CD 2019: Too Circle Records, Liinaharja Hardcore/Japan, Finland).
Recorded at Fantom Studio by Samu Oittinen, mastered at Alho Audio Mastering by Jarno Alho.
Press: LP 500 copies, CD 300 copies.
Tracks: Fire/2000 Dreams/Murder/Pressure/Another Song/Discontent//Extra Hours/1982/Inheritance of Fools/Network of Friends/Insurrection/The Edge/Outro.

LIVE ULTRA CHAOS PIKNIK LP 2019 (No Pasaran Records/068/Poland/2019)
Recorded at UCP festial in Zelebsko 23.6.2017 mix by Studio Riot.
Press: 150 copies.
Tracks: Asylum/Birth Hell Death/Conspiracy/Opposites/I Refuse!/Gladiators/Useless/2000 Dreams/Pressure//Burn! Burn! Burn!/Let´s Be Animals/Survive/Timebomb/Isän rakkaus/Loyal to The Show/European Pigs/Addicted.

FORWARD 12″EP 2015 (Stonehenge Records/Stone 060/France/2015)
Recorded at Fantom Studio in Ylöjärvi, 11/2014 & 01/2015 by Samu Oittinen.
Press: 500 copies.
Tracks: Intro+Isän Rakkaus/Price Tag/Survive//Regression/Disgrace/Rip-Off.

THE FIRST DECADE compilation (1990-1999) LP (Break The Silence Records/BTS-13/Germany/2013)
Press: 1st press 500 copies, 2nd press 300 copies (?)
Tracks: My Lonely Day/Dream/Independence/Fight For Humanity/Question no. 1/Selling Privacy/No Fucking War/Liberation/Muuttolinnut//Consumers/Let´s Be Animals/Burn! Burn! Burn!/Toy Voters/Energy/Can You Explain?/Let Me Out/Domestic Violence/Abusers.

ASYLUM 7″EP (Kämäset Levyt/UKK-058/Finland/2013)
Recorded at Soundwall Studio in Seinäjoki, 13.10.2012 by Sami Jormanainen.
Press: 300 copies.
Tracks: Asylum/Birth Hell Death//How Long Should We Be Laughing?/Children of The Cold War.

80 MILLION BARRELS LP 2011 (Kämäset Levyt & Ruin Nation Records/UKK-046, Bollox-026/Finland & Germany/2011)
Recorded at Red House & homestudio in Turku, during 12/2010-04/2011 by Pentti Dassum.
Press: 600 copies.
Tracks: 80 Million Barrels/Bribery/Converted/This Time/Freedom Fighter//Loyal to The Show/Say Something/Training for Decay/Ungovernable.

SALUTE NO ONE CD/LP (Kämäset Levyt & Twisted Chords/UKK-031, TC-061/Finland & Germany/2008)
Recorded at Soundwall Studio, Seinäjoki during 2007-2008 by Sami Jormanainen.
Press: LP 666 copies, CD 800 copies.
Tracks: Gladiators/Useless/Suffocate/When I See/Addicted/E55/Questionnary/Game/Parasites/Colleague Inferior/Crime & Punishment.

When I See/Addicted 7″single (Kämäset Levyt&Zerga/UKK-029, ZR-28/Finland/2007) – This single is dedicated to Jantsa (RIP), it was his very last recordings, it was ”a demo” but our recordlabels wanted to make this a tribute for him.
Recorded at Red House Studio, Turku 08/2006 by Pentti Dassum.
Press: 500 copies (numbered).

NOTHING’S FINISHED LP/CD (Twisted Chords & Kämäset Levyt/TC-041, UKK-017/Germany & Finland/2004)
NOTHING’S FINISHED cassette (Trujaca Fala/TF-069/Poland/2004)
Recorded at Red House Studio, Turku 02/2003-03/2004 by Pentti Dassum.
Press: LP 1000 copies, CD 500 copies, cassette ??? copies.

Tracks: Nothing´s Finished/Room for Responsibility/Afterthought/Men In Their Suits/Let It Collapse/Timebomb/Windmills with Broken Wings//I refuse!/Neo Class Division/Burning Bridges/Moremoremore/European Pigs/No Reasons/Dependent.

split w/INNER CONFLICT 7″EP (Twisted Chords/TC 026/Germany/2002)
Recorded in Soundwall-studio, Seinäjoki 10/2001 by Petteri Karri.
Press:  1st press 800 copies, 2nd press 400 copies.
Tracks: How Do You Do It?/The Mask/Another Lost Venue/Ambush.

PROPAGANDA IMMUNITY 12″/CD/cassette (Twisted Chords & Trujaca Fala/Tc 021, TF 040/Germany & Poland/2000)
Recorded in Soundwall-studio, Seinäjoki during 1999-2000 by Petteri Karri & Sami Jormanainen.
Press:  12″ 1st press 700 copies, 2nd press 200 copies / CD: 1st press 500 copies, 2nd press 500 copies / cassette 500 copies.
Tracks: Like Father Like Son/Leave Me Alone/Zero Tolerance/Still That Fucking Idealist/Lock Us All Up/Conspiracy/Opposites/Thanks for Nothing//Propaganda Immunity/Turn The Other Cheek/Smugglers/Zero Patience/Arrogant Bastard/User/Autumn.

SKELETONS IN THE CLOSET 7″EP (Halla & Grey Days/Halla 011, Gray Days 699/Finland/1999)
SKELETONS IN THE CLOSET 7″EP (Twisted Chords & Ya Basta/TC-012, Ya Basta 005/Germany/1999)
Recorded in Soundwall-studio, Seinäjoki 12/1998-01/1999 by Petteri Karri.
Press:  finnish 7″EP: 1st press 500 copies, 2nd press 200 copies // german 7″EP: 1st press 500 copies, 2nd press ??? copies.
Tracks: Dead Men Don´t Consume/Domestic Violence//Abusers/Aliens.

CAN YOU EXPLAIN? CD (Hiljaiset Levyt/HICKS-049/Finland/1998)
CAN YOU EXPLAIN? 7″EP (Trujaca Fala/TF-025/Poland/1998)
Recorded in JJ-studio, Tampere 04/1998 by Jani Viitanen.
Press:  CD 700 copies, 7″EP: 1st press 500 copies, 2nd press 500 copies. 
Tracks: Pissed off Again/Survival of The Fittest/Fifteen Minutes/Can You Explain?/Shrinking World (not on vinyl!)/Mr. Extreme/Let Me Out.

split w/ANGER OF BACTERIAS 7″EP (Ruin Nation Records/Bollox-002/Germany/1998)
Recorded in a homestudio, Kauvatsa 31.1.-1.2.1998 by Janne, Tommi & JJ.
Press: 1000 copies.
Tracks: Feed Yourself/Neo Class Division/Tampere 240198/Balance/Sheep of The Century/Sottomesso.

split w/INFEKCJA cassette (Trujaca Fala/TF 017/Poland/1998)
Press: 1000 copies (?)
All songs from ”New Toys” CD

split w/SANCTUS IUDA Live-Tape (Finland/1997)
some live-recordings from both bands…

split w/ENOUGH 7″EP (Trujaca Fala/Poland/1997)
Press: 1000 copies
Includes following tracks from ”New Toys” CD: Revenge/Toy Voters/Image/Violence in the New World Order/Suolia ja ulosteita.

split w/MACHINE GUN ETIQUETTE 10″ (Campary Records/CR 030/Germany/1997)
Press: 1000 copies
Includes following tracks from ”New Toys” CD: Consumers/Let´s Be Animals/Do a Favour/Burn! Burn! Burn!

NEW TOYS CD (Hiljaiset Levyt/HICKS-046/Finland/1997)
Recorded in Soundwall-studio, Seinäjoki 09/1996 by Petteri Karri.
Press: 700 copies.
Tracks: Consumers/Let´s Be Animals/Do a Favour/Burn! Burn! Burn!/Image/Toy Voters/Revenge/Violence in the New World Order/Energy/Suolia ja ulosteita.

POSITIVELY FED UP! CD 1996 (Hiljaiset Levyt/HICKS-045/Finland/1996)
Recorded in Soundwall-studio, Seinäjoki, 21.5. & 27.6.1995 by Petteri Karri.
Press: 700 copies.
Tracks: Positivity/Passersby/Muuttolinnut/Master/Living by Wars/Fed Up/No Fucking War/Liberation/Popularized Fascism/So Clear: Anti-Nuclear/Hit Fascist Harder/Fools and Fanatics/Natseja vastaan/Harmless Business?

… SO FUCKING FED UP! Cassette (Trujaca Fala/Poland/1995)
includes ”…for Humanity” and ”Positively Fed Up!” CD´s.
1st press (1995): 900 copies, 2nd press (2000): ??? copies

… FOR HUMANITY (early 90’s) CD (Hiljaiset Levyt/HICKS-043/Finland/1994)
… FOR HUMANITY (early 90’s) 12″  1996 (Genet Records/1202/Belgium/1996)
Recorded in Welmu-studio, Vaasa, spring 1994 by Nappi Aaltonen.
CD press: 500 copies, 12″ press: 500 copies (?)
Tracks: War/Not From My World/Independence/Disturbance//Fight for Humanity/Western Disease/Question #1/My Lonely Day/Selling Privacy.

MY DREAM… 7″EP (Hiljaiset Levyt/HIKS-034/Finland/1992)
Recorded in Sauna-studio, Tampere 4.-5.10.1992 by Jani Viitanen.
Press: 500 copies.
Tracks: Dream/The Aims of Dictator//The Limit/Untraceable.

split w/BEHIND THE SMILE 7″EP (Bad Card&Uprising Decay 004&001/France/1992)
Recorded in Welmu-studio, Vaasa late 1991 by Nappi Aaltonen.
Press: 1200 copies.

Tracks: Western Disease/My Lonely Day/Change.

GUN IN MY HEART 7″EP (Hiljaiset Levyt/HIKS-025/Finland/1991)
Recorded in AMS-studio, Kauhava 01/1991 by Kimmo Ahola.
Press: 700 copies.

Tracks: No Counsellors/Jumping On The Thin Ice//Gun in My Heart/It´s Selfish.

RADICALS OF TODAY 7″EP 1990 (self-released/JUGS-1/1990)
Recorded in AMS-studio, Kauhava 10/1990 by Kimmo Ahola.
Press: 675 copies.

Tracks: Radicals of Today/Results of Our Roles//Oblivion.