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17.12.2015 This was good year for us; we managed to release a 6-track Forward 12″EP (Stonehenge Records, France) in March and we made a great tour in Germany and Poland in May. Next year we have some plans for studio – we have some new songs nearly ready – and we will play live as much as we can around Europe. See you there. DIY!

21.2.2015 Our next record is a 6-track ”Forward” 12″EP that is now in the press, it will be released by Stonehenge Records (France). Later in May we will make a small tour in Poland and Germany – looking forward to it 🙂

29.7.2014 Forementioned recordplans got cancelled in the beginning of 2014 so we decided to clear the table and think about new options. We made a small but pleasant trip to Germany and Sweden in May (2 gigs in Germany and 2 gigs in Sweden) in order to participate at Break The Silence -label´s 10th birthdayparty-festival. Now our next tour will happen in September when we will play in Poland, Czech, Austria, Switzerland, France and Germany – looking forward to it! After that, in October, we will go to Fantom Studio near Tampere and record some new songs for upcoming releases… More info later.

28.11.2013 Few days ago (16.-17.11.2013) we were in the Black Floyd´s Analog Studio and recorded 3 new songs; 2 of them will go to a split 7″EP that will come out during 2014. The first gig next year will take place in Vastavirta, Tampere on Saturday 11.1.2014. Lots of things coming next year – looking good!

6.8.2013 Summerbreak is over and it is time to start rehearsals and gigs! Check out the gigdates from these sites.Also a little studiosession expected but more info about that later..
The First Decade compilation LP is out now from nice DIY-distros; a piece of our history in a nice package! We are really happy how it looks & feels.

17.4.2013 Our tour is getting closer; check out the gigs-page. This time we will play in Germany, France and Spain – looking forward to it; see you at the gigs!
At the same time there will be new release coming out; Juggling Jugulars: The First Decade LP (by Break The Silence Records/Germany). This LP is compilation of our older songs that we made between 1990-1999, before Arja joined the band. 18 tracks, gatefold sleeves and some coloured vinyls – a really nice package!

19.2.2013 Juggling Jugulars: Asylum 7″EP -> OUT NOW! We will sell it at next our gigs in Finland and on tour in May (Germany, France, Spain).

20.10.2012 Juggling Jugulars: Asylum 7″EP -> probably out this year by Kämäset Levyt (UKK-058)!

31.8.2012 Our next release will be a 4-track 7″EP! We are going to studio at some weekend during September-October… Can´t remember when we were so ”ready” last time – we are really looking forward to the recordings!

19.5.2012 Tour was really great, perhaps one of the best we have ever did during our 23 years!
Big thanks to everyone involved and all the nice people we met on our way… The nicest crews at Lobusch, Friese, Juwel & Elba… THANKS!!!

26.2.2012 Quite active year coming; gigs are already booked ´til september (including tour in May!) and we try to make a new record (probably a 7″EP) this year..

7.12.2011 This year´s gigs are done – thanks to all who were there! In 2012 we try to be more active with gigs and hopefully make a new record at some point.

6.9.2011 Here is our facebook-site (I guess it is more up to date?): http://fi-fi.facebook.com/pages/Juggling-Jugulars/113619045375439?

21.6.2011 Our new LP is out now!!! You can ask it straight from the publishers: Kämäset Levyt (Finland) or Ruin Nation Records (Germany). Or directly from us: petteri(dot)mikkila(a)gmail(dot)com. See you at Punk Illegal!

12.4.2011 We feel happy to announce that our new 80 Million Barrels 12″LP is coming out from our old DIY-minded punk-as-fuck partners: Kämäset levyt (Finland) that has released our 2 previous LP´s, and Ruin Nation Records (Germany) that released our split 7″ with A.O.B. in 1998!
The record will include 9 brand new tracks and we are really pleased with the material – big thanks and respect belongs to P.Dassum who produced and recorded this – like he did our Nothing´s Finished LP/CD in 2004. 🙂

20.3.2011 Our new 12″ record is still in process; at the moment we are mixing it and finishing the layout of the covers… Lately we have cancelled/refused so many gigs that it feels just really frustrating… But there are good reasons behind these, so it is just unfortunate period. We start rehearsals/gigs in April again and try to make the rest of the year 2011 more active again!

16.1.2011 This year started with some recordings with P.Dassum. We recorded 9 new songs (12″) and now we will continue recordings (vocals) during the next 1-2 months. We try to get it ready before March… Finally we made 2 gigs with Arja again! Thanks to all who were there : ) – next gigs we will inform as soon as we get our schedules right.

28.9.2010 Arja will be operated next week, and after the surgery she will need time for recovery. So we decided to cancel all the gigs and studioplans from this year… Next time we will play gigs in January 2011 and start – finally! – the recordings of our next LP.

19.9.2010 Tour is finished! Good but hard tour (it was at times very jobful to perform all the leadvocals without Arja – never again) but we managed to do it; sometimes better, sometimes not.. It is time to say thanks/greetings to all the people who helped us on the way: Filip/Trujaca Fala, Tobias/Twisted Chords, all nice people at Köpi (Berlin), Zoro (Leipzig), Rozbart (Poznan), Elba (Warsaw), Prefabet-fest (Krakow), Wagenburg (Wroclaw), Mokry, Adam, Jan, Pawel, Mike, Nika, Edelweiss Piraten, Antidotum, Utopia, Baraka Face Junta, Core Ball and to all the bands we played with and to people who gave us food, sleepingplace etc… Take care!

27.8.2010 Arja decided that she will not dare to come on our tour in September, because her neck will be operated during the autumn. So, we all together decided, that we will – however – make this tour without her – Petteri and Jaani sharing the vocals.. After the tour we will concentrate on our next LP and try to get it finished.

12.8.2010 Our tour in Poland+Germany is getting closer, check out our gig-page – see you!
We were supposed to record more songs this month, but we had to move recordings forward because of the tour and other things.
We are still trying to record our next LP during this year… Our documentary can soon be seen from our website.

29.5.2010 Premiere of ”Juggling Jugulars – Punk-elinkautinen” -documentary (45 minutes) at Annankatu 6, Pori, Finland.

8.5.2010 JJ-documentary (by Ilkka Kari) is almost finished… It is what you get with 5 different persons working in the same band for several years. Includes scenes from the studio, live and rehearsals. ”Free speech for the dumb”; some seriously but mainly with lots of humour… Punk-rock?

HERE IT IS (22.1.2011)
Juggling Jugulars Punk-elinkautinen on dokumenttielokuva punk-bändistä nimeltä Juggling Jugulars. Se käsittelee bändin vaiheita kahdenkymmenen vuoden ajalta. Arja, Marko, Petteri,Jaani ja Tero ovat kaikki nelikymppisiä perheellisiä työssä käyviä punkkareita.
Dokumentti valottaa miten bändin jäsenet ikääntyessäänkin pitävät kiinni aatteistaan ja mielipiteistään, jotka he ovat omaksuneet jo teini-ikäisinä.

Dokumentti on ohjaajan opinnäytetyö Satakunnan käsi- ja taideteollisuusoppilaitoksessa.

4.2.2010 We started recordings of the next album (or something) in January; 4 new songs have been recorded. It will be a long project but we will try to get enough songs ready during this year. A friend of Marko is making a documentary of our band; he and the crew already filmed some interviews, rehearsals, studio and a gig – plus there will be some archive-material as well. Quite exciting and totally new thing for us, we will see where that leads.

7.11.2009 We recorded a demo back in 2005 with Jantsa still on bass (by S.Jormanainen/Seinäjoki) that included songs ”Colleague Inferior” and ”Lunacy” (Dirt-cover). Now during a month we have finally received some results: at first came ”Barrikaden – The First Ten Years” a benefit-compilation LP from Nakkeskudd plater, Sjakk matt plater + more (Norway). That includes our Dirt-cover ”Lunacy”. Then come out ”More Than Music Vol. 1″ anti-sexism 3×7” box (Stonehenge, France) – a really, really beautiful vinyl-box including great bands like Ballast, The Assassinators, Signal Lost, La Fraction, Easpa Measa… Silk-printed covers, all 3 vinyls on different colours… nice!! This has our ”Colleague Inferior” on it. P.S. Jaani has a son now!!

19.9.2009 Thanks to all who were at the gigs in Raahe and Oulu; especially to Jani+Brutopia and Amazing Tails (it was nice to play together after a long break; last time was in the early 90´s)! Sorry that we just couldn´t be in Kuopio; we had to cancel it because of the bad backache of one member. Now we are having a break (new baby coming) – just make some rehearsals in order to write new songs. We will go to studio in January 2010 and start recordings of the next album.

15.7.2009 It took awhile to update these pages; mainly because of the computer, ftp etc problems… The tour in May was great and we really enjoyed it – thanks a lot to all who came to gigs and helped us in any way!! Now we will celebrate our 20-year existence by playing few gigs in Finland during August and September. After that we focus on the new songs and try to start new recordings as soon as possible. For the next year we have some plans also for touring somewhere, but we will inform that later with better knowledge. Enjoy the summer!

28.2.2009 Our next tour is now booked! 9 gigs in Denmark and Germany (see the gigs-section). Check out the dates and come to the gigs!

30.12.2008 After playing some nice gigs in Germany, Sweden and Norway we´d like to say big thanks to Daniel/Kobayashi, Xenia at Klubb Gråzonen and Nina at Barrikaden. We are really grateful for everything!
Hopefully in 2009 we will be able to make a bit longer tour and get in the van; this year went pretty much with shorter trips (thanks to cheap flights).

31.8.2008 Long time since last rehearsals but finally we did it; lots of new songs coming.. Soon we will fly to Germany to play 4 gigs with Kobayashi, we are looking forward to this little tour!
There will be a memorial gig for Jantsa at Vastavirta, Tampere – on friday 24th of october (Jantsa´s birthday); JJ will play there together with Pax Americana, Neuroottiset Pelimannit (re-union for this gig) and Forca Macabra (playing their 90´s stuff – if I got it right?) – be there!

14.6.2008 Summerbreak with families etc – but we´ll activate latest in October when we have a little tour in Germany waiting with Kobayashi.

Jantsa (1969-2008) R.I.P.
Our dear friend has died on Sunday 11.5.2008. Really big loss. We miss him so much… Jantsa, rest in peace.

”Tutustuin Jantsaan 80-luvun loppupuolella, kun hän yhdessä Ekun ja muiden Vaasan punkkareiden kanssa järjesti punk-keikkoja lähinnä Vaasan nuorisotalolle. Hänen avullaan pääsimme myös, silloisen bändini, Sabotaasin kanssa keikalle Vaasaan.
Vuoden 1989 syksyllä perustettiin Lapualla Juggling Jugulars, josta n. vuoden kuluttua ensimmäinen basisti Jani-Markus lähti pois ja jäimme ilman basistia. Olin Ekkuun (joka siis oli Toisen Vaihtoehdon toimittaja lehden alkutaipaleella) yhteyksissä aika paljonkin tuolloin, ja hän kertoi että Jantsan bändi Treblinka oli hajonnut osan bändiläistä perustettua Klamydian – siinä olisi hyvä basisti vapaana! Jantsa aloitteli tuolloin myös Toista Vaihtoehtoa, mutta suostui kuitenkin tulemaan bändiin. Ekat treenit pidettiin joskus syys-lokakuussa 1990. Jantsa saapui treenikämpälle yhdessä Rikun kanssa (ex-AKK, nyk. Klamydia), kivaa oli ja homma lähti ripeästi käyntiin – kahden viikon päästä studioon ja eka 7″ pihalle…
Jantsan tietämys ja näkemys innoitti meitä valtavasti. Hän oli jo käynyt inter-railillä tsekkaamassa Euroopan punk-mestoja ja jotenkin tästä itsekin inspiroituneena päätimme kokeilla järjestää ensimmäisen kiertueemme Eurooppaan kesällä 1991. Jantsa hoiti puolet kontakteista ja minä toiset puolet ja näin saatiin jotenkin 13 keikkaa kasaan. Jantsan opastuksella tutustuimme ns. pakollisiin nähtävyyksiin mm. Hampurin Hafenstrasseen, Wienin Flexiin (joka vuonna 1991 oli vielä upea punk-luola maalauksineen) ja Stuttgartin Neckarstrasseen – joka tuskin enää on punk-keskus (?).
Jantsan JJ-vuosina 1990-2006 soitettiin 322 keikkaa, matkustettiin kymmeniä tuhansia kilometrejä ja koettiin paljon. Paljon muistoja.
Jantsan merkitys bändillemme – saati sitten TV:n kautta koko Suomen punk-scenelle – oli valtava. Se innostus ja omistautuminen säilyi aina sinne syyskuuhun 2006 saakka, jolloin shokkiuutinen aivoverenvuodosta tuli tietoomme… Onneksi saimme soittaa Jantsan kanssa upeat 2 keikkaa Norjassa, ennen kuin kohtalo puuttui peliin. Jäi hyvät muistot viimeisistä keikoista hänen kanssaan.
Jantsa oli yksi hienoimmista ihmisistä, jonka olen koskaan saanut tuntea – aina miettimässä asioita parhain päin ja valmiina auttamaan.
Ikävä jää rakasta ihmistä. Lepää rauhassa.”
13.5.2008 Petteri/Juggling Jugulars

15.4.2008 Salute No One LP out now! Just came back from Ireland – very special thanks to Conor & Kenn and all nice punks who helped us on the way (gave us sleeping places, fed us, borrowed equipments…) – we are truely grateful!!

25.3.2008 Salute No One CD out now! LP comes out during March-April 2008 from Kämäset Levyt.

20.2.2008 Salute No One LP/CD will be out soon! CD comes from Twisted Chords (Germany) and LP comes from Kämäset Levyt (Finland).

6.12.2007 There´s an JJ-interview (in finnish) in Desibeli.net -webzine written by Ilkka Valpasvuo: http://desibeli.net/juttu/1450

1.12.2007 Our next LP/CD ”Salute No One” is now recorded; 11 songs waiting for mixing and mastering! We are really enthusiastic and happy with this stuff… LP/CD will be out in February 2008. There´s also been some talk about JJ´s 92-98 compilation LP – also planned to be out in February 2008…

5.9.2007 Gig at Lesum´s POB-festival in Germany was good and the whole thing was really memorable! Thanks & hello to Daniel & Kobayashi, Martin, the whole Friese-crew, Stivie/RuinNation etc etc. Great people!

20.8.2007 We had a pleasant weekend in Finland with Kobayashi (Germany); thanks Daniel, Maik, Roberto, Peter and Martin! And of course to all who helped us with gigs, food and sleepingplaces.

12.7.2007 When I See/Addicted 7″ single is out now!!

29.5.2007 Our little tour in Poland and Germany was really great – big thanks to all who were part of it: Filip & Magda, Mokry, Hubert, Uwe, Anja, Mervi, Stivie, the whole Friese-crew and everyone at Störtebeker. And thanks to all people who fed us and gave us a place to sleep! Take care!

11.4.2007 Demotape that we recorded with Pentti Dassum in August 2006 (with Jantsa´s bass&vocals) is now mixed – and it seems like two songs from it will be released this spring/summer as 7″ single! More info later. LP/CD will come out in summer/autumn; we have recorded 7 new songs and continue recordings during the summer.

9.4.2007 After a long break, it is time to start playing gigs again! We will start playing gigs with a new line-up on Saturday 21.4. from Vaasa, Club 25. Then we will start our little tour in May… Hope to see you somewhere!

Juggling Jugulars:
Arja – vocals
Petteri – guitar&vocals
Jaani – bass&vocals
Tero – guitar
Marko -drums.

13.3.2007 After long discussions and meetings it was time to decide, if we should continue or just quite the band. We were all willing to go on (we had quite a lot of new songs ready for the next LP etc) – so choose to continue. An old friend of ours, Jaani (also known from The Trassels), was asked to join the band for ”desperate task” – and after few rehearsals it seemed to work out really well. Jaani has played in several bands since the 80´s (e.g. Pyhä Paska, Uhrilampaat, Mellakka…). We booked the first gigs of the new line-up to May, so we try to be ready then… See you! We are going to record the LP/CD during the summer ´07.

27.11.2006 Shortly after our gigs in Norway – in September- our long-time (16 years in the band) bassist Jantsa got a serious brain hemorrhage and pneumonia after the surgery. It seemed really bad first few weeks but finally he won the pneumonia and could start recovering. It will be a long way back, but he has proved to be a really strong. And it is impossible to say if he can someday play bass or not – there are so many things that are more important.

2005: Some gigs, some tours (Denmark, Germany, Austria, Slovenija, Croatia), ”baby-holidays” and some songwriting.

2004: Nothing´s Finished LP/CD/MC was recorded at Red House Studio in Turku with P.Dassum and it started our co-operation with Kämäset Levyt (CD); LP was released by Twisted Chords in Germany and MC by Trujaca Fala in Poland. The releases came out and tour followed; 15 gigs in 5 countries (Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Poland, Denmark).

2003: Our 8th tour that was supposed to include 12 gigs in Germany and France cancelled in the beginning because of the Jantsa´s accident; he broke his leg (stagediving) at our gig in Köpi! Our dear old blue Volkswagen LT (1980) got finally its funerals, so sad… It was time to buy another van.

2002: On the 7th tour in February/March JJ played in Germany and Poland and noticed that driving long distances through the snowstorms is sometimes quite an experience… No releases this year.

2001: ”Propaganda Immunity” 12″/CD/MC came out in January. The 6th European tour (Lithuania, Poland, Czech Republic, Germany) in June. Split-EP with our tourmates Inner Conflict (Germany) came out in November by Twisted Chords.

2000: ”Skeletons In The Closet” 7″EP came out also in Germany starting our co-operation with Twisted Chords. In March it was time to add new member: our new vocalist Arja joined the band and gave Petteri and Jantsa more room to focus more on playing. ”Propaganda Immunity” CD/12″/MC was recorded in Seinäjoki at Soundwall Studio.

1999: ”Skeletons In The Closet” 7″EP came out in Finland by Halla-julkaisut and Grey Days (these labels got toghether later as Combat Rock Industry). Juggling Jugulars celebrated its 10-year existence by touring in Finland together with Brother Inferior (USA) and Infekcja (Poland).

1998: ”Can You Explain?” came out as mini-CD in Finland (the last JJ-release with Hiljaiset Levyt) and as 7″EP in Poland (Trujaca Fala). Split 7″EP with Anger Of Bacterias (Germany) came out in Germany by Ruin Nation Records. The 5th European tour (Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland, France, Belgium, Germany) – this time with very bad luck & feelings (car-accident in Latvia etc.) – almost made band split up… But we didn´t!

1997: Year with lots of JJ releases: ”New Toys” mini-CD came out in Finland, split-tape with Infekcja (Poland) and split 7″EP with Enough! (Poland) came out in Poland by Trujaca Fala, and split 10″ with Machine Gun Etiquette (Scotland) came out in Germany by Campary Records. The 4th European tour (Germany, France, Belgium, Poland, Czech Republic)…

1996: ”Positively Fed Up!” mini-CD came out in Finland and ”..For Humanity” 12″ came out in Belgium by Genet Records. The 3rd European tour (Poland, Germany, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Belgium).

1995: Co-operation with Trujaca Fala-label from Poland started with a tape release (”…so Fucking Fed Up!”) that combined the two first mini-CD´s.

1994: ”…For Humanity” mini-CD came out and the band made a small tour (8 gigs) in Europe together with a fresh finnish punkband Fauna (r.i.p.).

1993: The earlier mentioned split 7″ came out in France. Two tours in Finland.

1992: JJ recorded its split 7″EP with french Behind The Smile, after this release it was time for Timo to leave the band. New drummer, Marko, joined in. The first record (”My Dream…” 7″EP) of the new line-up came out.

1991: JJ started co-operation with Hiljaiset Levyt -recordlabel with ”Gun In My Heart” 7″EP. The first European tour (13 gigs) in the summer without Mikko who was having his first baby at that time.
This tour tightened the band´s vocals and playing so much that JJ decided to continue without Mikko.

1990: JJ recorded the first demo-tape (5 songs) in March and soon played its first gig abroad; in Umeå, Sweden with local Step Forward, Dr. & The Crippens (UK) and MomIDo7 (Germany). Jani-Markus and Tommi left the band. The new members joined in: Jantsa – bass & vocals and Timo – drums & vocals. The first self-released 3-song 7″ came out. Jantsa had been 2 weeks in the band before the recordings.

1989: Juggling Jugulars was formed by Tero (guitar) and Mikko (vocals) when they met drunk in the ferry between Finland and Sweden. The original members were: Mikko – vocals, Petteri – guitar & vocals, Tero – guitar, Jani-Markus – bass and Tommi – drums & vocals.