Up next:
Su 1.7. – Lärz, Fusion Festival 2018 (www.fusion-festival.de) GERMANY
Sa 18.8. – Oulu, Ykän pub, Oulu Palaa Fest vol.3 FINLAND



Here are dates for our upcoming gigs:
14.4.18 – Pori, Rock Bar Monttu ”Poriferia vol 5” (w/Kumikameli, Miika Söderholm ja Punatulkut, Wolfmen, The Underclass, Köökituula, Vittujengi, 70-luvun Vihannekset…) FINLAND
9.6.18 – Tampere, Kuivaamo Hiedanranta ”Tampere Punk Fest 2018″ (w/Accidente, JMKE, Mob 47, Moskwa, Suicidas…) FINLAND

Meanwhile we are writing new songs for our next LP and also record them piece by piece at Fantom Studio; first session already recorded (4 songs) and the 2nd session (another 4 songs) will follow during next months…


Our first gigs for this year are getting closer:
23.2.2018 – Tampere, Vastavirta (w/Radiopuhelimet, Räjäyttäjät, Satama) FINLAND
24.2.2018 – Oulu, Ykän pub (w/Oi Polloi, Vivisektio) FINLAND

8.-9.6.2018 – Tampere Punk Fest 2018 (w/Accidente, Mob 47, Moskwa, JMKE + many more) FINLAND
See you!


We had a really great little tour in October; big thanks to everyone who came to see us, arrenged gigs and gave us food and sleeping place! DIY!
Kiertuepäiväkirjaa voit lukea suomeksi täältä

Now we focus more on writing new songs, rehearsal and upcoming studio-dates. Maybe one day we will have a new record out; it would be time for it finally 🙂

Vyves 4-way CD is now out on Too Circle Records (Japan)!! We are so proud to be part of this compilation together with Vespera (Japan), Morus (Poland) and Kalashnikov Collective (Italy)!!

We have a small tour coming in October (Germany/Netherlands) – see you at the gigs!
Too Circle (Japan) will release an international compilation VYVES with 4 punkbands (Vespera (Japan) / Morus (Poland) / Juggling Jugulars (Finland) / Kalashnikov Collective (Italy)); and here you can see a trailer of it 🙂 https://youtu.be/rwPngOFFEJI

Juhannuksen Puolan reissusta voit lukee rapsaa täältä



We had a really good little trip to Poland in June; big thanks to all people that came to see us and respect to all the nice organizers who set up these shows in Olsztyn, Zalebsko and Warszawa!
Our next show will be at Hässäkkäpäivät -festival in Oulu, looking forward to it! See you!


We played our first gig for a long time on last friday in Turku, since our vocalist Arja broke her achilles tendom earlier this year. Now we are happy to announce more gigs for the near future:

9.6. Seinäjoki, Bar15, Finland
10.6. Helsinki, Lepakkomies Hki Punk Fest 2017 (w/Useless Cunts, Bad Jesus Experience, Harhat), Finland
22.6. Olsztyn, Mech, Poland
23.6. Zelebsko, Ultra Chaos Piknik 2017 (http://www.ucp.nopasaran.pl/) Poland
24.6. Warszawa, A.D.A. Pulawska (w/Kick It!), Poland
8.7. Oulu, Tukikohta, Hässäkkäpäivät 2017 (http://www.hassakkapaivat.com)Finland

See you at the gigs!!

Also our 5 new songs are now ready for upcoming compilation CD by Too Circle Records (Japan) – we are looking forward to it!